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Advance your energy transition initiatives with our comprehensive solutions. We specialize in surface hydrogen concentration monitoring through remote sensing, facilitating hydrogen resource quantification for enhanced energy production. Our expertise extends to tracking infrastructure developments in hydrogen production, streamlining hydrogen production capacity calculations, and assessing storage efficiency.

We excel in predicting potential hydrogen extraction sites by leveraging geological and water data, optimizing hydrogen production strategies for efficiency. Our satellite-based remote sensing technology allows us to precisely monitor and quantify surface hydrogen concentrations, offering essential insights for hydrogen extraction planning.

Our fixed-wing aircraft, equipped with hyperspectral sensors, efficiently detect hydrogen production-related infrastructure, measuring production extents, and forecasting future growth. Furthermore, our satellite imagery analysis capabilities identify geological formations conducive to hydrogen storage, optimizing storage strategies effectively.

H₂O tracker

Our core focus lies in water table level monitoring, utilizing advanced sensors to quantify groundwater availability, thereby aiding in effective water management. We possess expertise in tracking freshwater ecosystems, calculating water quality indices, and conducting assessments of biodiversity changes to ensure the health of aquatic environments.

Additionally, we excel in predicting flood or drought-prone areas through meticulous analysis of rainfall patterns, enabling us to anticipate and proactively mitigate water-related disasters. Our comprehensive services extend to deploying satellite-based hydrological sensors, which monitor and quantify surface water changes, offering crucial data to inform and guide water conservation initiatives.

We also harness the capabilities of fixed-wing aircraft equipped with multispectral imaging technology to assess freshwater ecosystem health. This includes the accurate measurement of water clarity and concentration of algal blooms. In terms of preparedness, we analyze rainfall patterns from weather satellites to precisely quantify precipitation rates, aiding in flood and drought predictions.