Our Services

Airborne Magnetics and Radiometrics (MagRad)

Airborne magnetic surveys are a quick and cost-effective method of measuring the variations in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Airborne radiometric surveys measure the gamma-ray radiation of the near-surface superficial geology and are often flown in combination with airborne magnetic surveys.

Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) FALCON

AGG technology is specifically designed to measure the gravity field with high accuracy and very high spatial resolution in a dynamic airborne environment.

Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM)

AEM surveys are extensively used to image the conductivity of the earth in 3D to assist with a wide range of applications from the ground to several hundred meters below the surface.

Conventional Airborne Gravity (AG)

Airborne Gravity surveys are used either stand-alone or in combination with other technologies to map the variations of the rock densities and also identify the location and size of major structures.

Marine Gravity and Magnetics (GravMag)

Marine Gravity and Magnetic data are acquired in combination with seismic surveys for Oil&Gas exploration from regional scale basin-wide to targeted prospect scale studies.

Value-added Software and Other Services

Our vast experience is applied to routine data processing as well as value-added data management and interpretation services.